Mizu-Akari Festival


Japan has a festival for everything. The most recent one was called “Mizu-akari” which I’ve read translates to“faint reflection of light upon the water in the dark”.  Thousands of candles are placed close to the castle (yes, we have a lovely castle in the middle of the city). They’re along the sidewalks, on the streets and even in bamboo cut into very intricate, beautiful patterns. Have a look.

Candles in Bamboo

Other Bamboo Designs

The colours were my favourite for the night!

Candles floating along the river.

Another river picture.

Candles lining the pavement leading up to the castle

Little paper tents. I have no idea what they signify though but they were cute.

A closer look at them

Now you all know that I took these pictures with my iphone which is nothing close to a great, professional camera, so please bear with the quality 🙂 Perhaps I’ll get a video of the festivities next time as well. It was really lovely and I’m happy I went!


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  1. Keep it comming minny. I would like to know what was said on board the Japanese ship had to rescue the Chinese crew of another ship at the site of the island that is now claimed by both parties.
    Must have been very embarrasing – like who’s bad NOW.

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