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Better Late Than Never! New Year’s Resolutions


It’s January 20th and I am just now getting around to a New Year’s Resolution post. Late, right? I know. I mean, I wanted to do one a long time ago but changed my mind. Tonight I’ve gone ahead and changed my mind again after seeing my friend Monique’s post over on her blog . She inspired me, lol.

Resolutions are tricky stuff. 99.999% of us will never continue with them past February either because we get too lazy or just completely forget them. Well not me, damnit! I’m gonna stick to them and look back on December 31 2012 with glee when I see that I’ve been able to accomplish everything I set out to do. Why? Because the fact that I’m going to tell you lovely people what they are means that I will have someone to be accountable to. Also, I’m keeping things REALLY simple and specific. So here goes (no one is allowed to laugh at me and my resolutions, hmph!):

For 2012 I want to:

-develop abs

-be able to bend over and touch my toes/the ground without bending my knees (how I will be able to do this is beyond me…I’m the least flexible person I’ve ever met in life)

-be able to order a meal at a Japanese restaurant without assistance

-save atleast 20,000 yen a month (about 22,000 Ja which is very, very, very low and doable)

-decide what I want to do in grad school, where I want to do it and how I’m gonna get it done

That’s it. Simple and specific, right?

Monique AKA Irie Diva also did something I’ve been meaning to do for MONTHS now, which is start a vision board. Hers is online but I’d prefer to do a real one to hang above my bed or something. It’s a great idea and the logic behind it makes sense. So I’ll get on that really soon too.

In the mean time, we’ll see how these resolutions go. There’s a looooong year ahead. I hope you stick to yours too! Take care.

P.S Watch my girl Fi’s video about the ridiculous things people say to people from the Caribbean. Hi-la-ri-ous! Enjoy.



Vacation in Thailand


Happy New Year folks! The year has gotten off to a good start and my hope is that it continues to get better.

I recently returned to Japan from my almost-two-weeks-long vacation in Thailand. It was very good. After about 11 hours, 3 bus rides,  two planes, and a taxi, I arrived in Bangkok, Thailand.  There was a short layover in Hong Kong included (Hong Kong has the prettiest money I have ever seen).

I didn’t do many touristy things. It was a very “connecting with the people and the true vibes” trip. In Bangkok I took the time to walk around the city. It is SO busy…my word. The city has about 10 million people living there. It’s full of life, full of colour, full of noise, which was a pleasant change from Japan’s stuffiness. I remember driving from the airport thinking “this place looks just like Jamaica”, then the next day when I actually went roaming I thought “this place is EXACTLY like Downton, Kingston just a million times bigger”. The buildings, the layout and the congestion of both places are similar.

Another similarity is that many things have a sexual undertone. That can be viewed as a good or bad thing depending on how you choose to take it but it’s definitely there, with the ping-pong shows and the lady boys and the abundance of ‘creatures of the night’. And the driving, my word. You think only Jamaicans create three and four lanes out of two? Think again.

Thai people are the TRUEST definition of hustlers. They have their stalls set up much like street stalls back home, and you can barter with the higglers until you are at a price you’re comfortable with. Admittedly, I didn’t do much shopping, but I watched as my travel partners bartered their way to some decent goods.

Next thing I was impressed with was the food. Again, a welcomed change from Japanese food. If you know me, you know I love my belly, so imagine how happy I was to be eating fried fish, steamed fish, roast pork…man…let me stop. Their food is very hot and I actually don’t really like peppery food, but I definitely appreciated the fact that the food had some spice and element to it. It was really cheap, really tasty and we were sure to eat street food or from simple, local run restaurants maybe 90% of the time.

After two days in Bangkok I headed on over to Phuket (pronounced poo-ket), which is much more touristy. Way too much for my taste. I did more eating and more massages (oh yes, Thailand is famous for their massages…cheap, relaxing, you know I had to get a couple). I went to a smaller island called Koh Phi Phi (pronounced ko-pee-pee) and headed to the beach, snorkeled, kayaked, ate and did a really short stint at a party. The party though? Not my speed, so after a few minutes I left.

Back in Phuket I got the time to do some white water rafting, see a waterfall, a Buddhist shrine full of monkeys and *drumroll please* ride an elephant. I will never ride an elephant again. Glad I took the pictures for memories. I  rang in the New Year (which also happens to be my birthday) on a beach filled with what seemed like thousands of tourists. It was lovely. After New Year’s Day we headed back to  Bangkok and visited  a market and just got ready to head back to Japan.

I really enjoyed the trip. It was a good way to experience “Jamaican-ness” without being in Jamaica, but it still had it’s own qualities that made it uniquely Thai. The weather was lovely, the food was lovely, massages were great. In all, a good vacation.

If you’re interested in seeing pictures please send me your email address and I’ll send them to you. Until next time, take care.